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Martin Volken

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Backside Elevated Education Episode 21 – Building a Rescue Sled

Mike Hattrup demonstrates how to build a rescue sled using a pair of K2 skis, and pieces from the Rescue Shovel Plus.

Backside Elevated Education Episode 20 – Building an Emergency Shelter

Marting Volken shows us how to build a quick and efficient emergency shelter to get out of the elements in the backcountry.

BackSide Elevated Education Episode 9 – Analyzing Terrain Choices

Martin Volken discusses the importance of analyzing your surroundings and the terrain you ride for a safe day in the mountains.

BackSide Elevated Education Episode 8 – Touring: Kick Turns

Moving from A-V Turns to Kick Turns, Martin Volken teaches us the proper methods for getting to the top.

BackSide Elevated Education Episode 7 – Touring: A-V Turns

As we climb a steeper slope, Martin Volken teaches us the progression from walking turns to AV turns.

BackSide Elevated Education Episode 5 – Touring: Walking Turns

Martin Volken shows us the basics of walking turns while touring.