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Pep Fujas

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Pep Fujas – Lifted Trailer

With skiing going the way of dayglo snowsuits and spread eagles, it took a farm boy to bring power and style to the sport. Watch the trailer of the three-part series on freeskiing pioneer Pep Fujas.

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Pep Fujas – One Run at Alta

Pep Fujas rips around Alta in style.

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Pep Fujas – Coordinates

[COORDINATES] was shot entirely on the GoPro Hero 3+ camera, by Eric Pollard, Chris Benchetler, and Pep Fujas. Filmed on location in Hokkaido, Japan – Pemberton, British Columbia – and Mt. Hood, Oregon. Nimbus collaborated with artist and producer “Tired Eyes” to create a unique soundtrack solely for the production. This movie is a brief look at each athletes perspective, and is an attempt to give our audience a better idea of what to expect when our two year movie project “After The Sky Falls” drops next fall.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously at Nimbus, for us it’s all about capturing skiing in a way that feels like a day on the hill with friends.”

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Pep Fujas – Afterglow

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Here’s the full length WK2SKI News Interview with Manny Bukles about our brand new line of ski boots!

Skirotica – Pep’s PBP Remix

Pep’s Poor Boyz footage from AK and BC, all mixed up into one solid edit.

SkiRotica – Pep in Austria

Here’s a little footage remix from Nimbus Independent’s En Route Arlberg starring the one and only Pep Fujas.

SkiRotica – Pep & Andy Japanese Nimbus Remix

Pep & Andy jibbing some japanese pow from the latest En Route episode.

Point and Shoot: Austria 2012

Point and Shoot: Austria 2012 is a short edit created from the shots cut from En Route Arlberg. Pranks, snowballs, skiing, and soccer tennis all combined to give a sense of some of the antics the Nimbus crew got up to while filming for the full length webisode.


En Route Arlberg

Exclusive 24 Hour Pre-Release on Skeeze!

En Route Arlberg follows Pep Fujas and Eric Pollard on a journey to Austria where they meet up with Roman Rohrmoser to ski Arlberg, Austria. Natural jumps, spines, and a quick storm ski session all packed into three days of skiing.


Interested in going to ski in the same place? Check out:
Nimbus Independent was started in 2007 by Eric Pollard in collaboration with Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre, and Chris Benchetler. The four like minded skiers began Nimbus to bring a different perspective to skiing.
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Point and Shoot: Japan 2012


Hokkaido Night Remix

Nocturnal pow bangers!  A remix of some night pow from the Hokkaido episode of En Route.


En Route Hokkaido

Exclusive 24 Hour Pre-Release on Skeeze!

En Route Hokkaido documents a two week ski trip to the island of Hokkaido, Japan. There the Nimbus crew links up with Black Diamond Lodge to do a mixture of snowmobile access, touring, boot packing off the road, chairlift access, and night skiing. Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre, Eric Pollard and Chris Benchetler ski while Justin Wiegand and Ike Smith document the entire experience.


Andy, Pep and Chris.


The boys behind the lenses, Ike Smith (tall) and Justin Weigand (right).


Night shredding in Niseko, just ask Black Diamond Lodge where to go.


Andy and Ike going up for one more.


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Summer School S2 E4

Join the crew in the final episode of this seasons Summer School. Will they study enough to pass the final exam?!? Push play to find out!

Nimbus 2012 teaser

Poor Boyz Production’s WE Teaser