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Reggie Crist

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Team K2 – Reggie Crist

A member of the US Ski Team for ten years and one of the most accomplished X Games athletes of all time, Reggie Crist’s single career goal is to ski “as much powder as humanly possible.” Don’t believe us? Just watch his latest Team K2 segment. Reggie continues to film with large film companies and Stellar Media. Powder, spines, and more, click play!

Team K2 – 2014

K2 = Serious Fun

Our best days on the mountain are not measured by winning races, they are measured by the number of ear-to-ear grins, high fives, pole clinks, fist bumps, and the echoing of hoots and hollers shared among friends. It’s about making the same run, on the same lift, lap after lap, season after season – because it’s just that damn fun. Skiing lets you escape from the outside world into a realm of constant enjoyment. When we develop our products, we aren’t trying to beat anyone down the mountain but rather capture the true spirit of skiing that translates into products for you, our athletes, and us, the all-mountain skiers.

Featured Athletes: Seth Morrison, Sean Pettit, Clayton Vila, Andy Mahre, Sean Jordan, Andy Partridge, Lexi DuPont, Reggie Crist, Tyler Ceccanti

Music: “Let Go” by Widby

K2 Ski Boots | K2TV NEWS – Part 1: K2 Boots

Turn on the TV to learn all about our new ski boot technology!  The first of a 3 part series to present our new line of Ski Boots.

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Powder Highway Dispatch #7– Alaska

Powder Highway Dispatch #2 Heli Skiing at CMH K2

A road trip along the Powder Highway would not be complete without a Canadian Mountain Holiday (CMH), the largest hell-ski operation in the world. With 11 different tenures, the newly revamped K2 Rotor Lodge represents some of the finest skiing in the southeastern corner of BC with endless pillow lines and steep alpine terrain. Don’t miss this stop…

Powder Highway Dispatch #1 Sun Valley

The Crist brothers, Reggie and Zach, head out onto the Powder Highway with Lexi Dupont. They kick off the trip and the first episode in their home town of Sun Valley, Idaho before heading north to Canada.

BackSide Elevated Education Episode 17 – Cutting a Cornice

Reggie Crist and demonstrates a safe and effective method for cutting cornices.

K2 Charlie-From the Tip to the Tail