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Zach Crist

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K2 Ski Boots | K2TV NEWS – Part 1: K2 Boots

Turn on the TV to learn all about our new ski boot technology!  The first of a 3 part series to present our new line of Ski Boots.

For more information, check out:

Powder Highway Dispatch #7– Alaska

Powder Highway Dispatch #2 Heli Skiing at CMH K2

A road trip along the Powder Highway would not be complete without a Canadian Mountain Holiday (CMH), the largest hell-ski operation in the world. With 11 different tenures, the newly revamped K2 Rotor Lodge represents some of the finest skiing in the southeastern corner of BC with endless pillow lines and steep alpine terrain. Don’t miss this stop…

Powder Highway Dispatch #1 Sun Valley

The Crist brothers, Reggie and Zach, head out onto the Powder Highway with Lexi Dupont. They kick off the trip and the first episode in their home town of Sun Valley, Idaho before heading north to Canada.

BackSide Elevated Education Episode 19 – Ski Cutting A Slope

Zach Crist demonstrates how to effectively ski cut a slope, and the importance of multiple tests in determining the stability of a slope.

MissFits Series Teaser

A webisode series following 4 girls stepping out of their comfort zones to push their limits and try something new on skis.

Maria Bagge
Brita Sigourney
Lexi Dupont
Anna Segal

Featuring appearances by K2 Team members such as:
Andy Mahre
Collin Collins
Mike Hattrup
The Crist Bros
The Stept Crew