Season started!

I don´t remember when we had snow that early. Well, I actually do. At least seeing some white spots high up in the mountains, or getting snowed in during some fall climbing trips. But when was the last time ski resorts opened mid-October, or one could still go up because the “summer season” is still… Read more »

K2 Young Guns are preparing for the new Season.

Soon the first snow will fall in Europe. K2 makes sure that the next generation will be as successfull and rock as much as their role models. The training for the next K2 generation has already started. On the slopes as well as during the first fotoshooting for the upcoming season,  the nex K2 generation doesn’t rank behind… Read more »

It´s coming…

Garmisch Partenkirchen, Hausberg ski area. Today. More to come. Soon. Hopefully. Can´t sleep anymore.

Representing at its best!

This is Luis. Luis likes K2. Obviously. Some would say he is our Todd Bracher which might be close. But he is more than that. Demo guy, randonee specialist, trade show booth builder and even better merchandiser, timber man, stone wall creator, house builder, carpenter, soon father, soon husband (his future wife works at K2… Read more »

K2 Charlie gets back on the road.

For those of you who have been following Charlie you may be wondering where the heck he’s been for the past few weeks. With about 4 thousand miles clocked on the tour he seemed to be running pretty good, but as anticipated it would only be a matter of time not if, but when something… Read more »

Pink Ribbon Night 2009 WIEN

Am 2. Oktober 2009 wurde in Wien mit dem start von genau 5.000 rosa Luftballons die Pink Ribbon Night 2009 eröffnet. Ein Ballon als Zeichen für jede im Vorjahr an Brustkrebs erkrankte Frau in Österreich. Dank der unermüdlichen Unterstützung von Uschi Fellner und ihrem Magazin MADONNA konnten bei der Pink Ribbon Night 2009 mehr als… Read more »

Team Manaslu is back!

Yesterday Gian, Adi and Marco arrived back from Kathmandu. After spending days in the mountains all 3 are happy to be back in civilization enjoying a real bad, shower and nice Swiss food. Unfortunately onyl Adi was able to summit as Marco suffered from altitude sickness and Gian turned around with him on the summit day to… Read more »

K2 and the BMW X1 on tour in Germany

You didn´t get a chance to got to the IAA and look at the new BMW X1? Wanna buy a new K2 ski? Or win a “BMW X1 Live” tour t-shirt and some K2 goodies? If you live in Germany you should then make sure to drop by any of the below mentioned Sport Scheck… Read more »

K2 Charlie hits Tahoe

Sean Decker and K2 Charlie spent a few days in lovely Lake Tahoe, CA. During their stay they were able to catch up with Michelle Parker and Kip Garre and get a little video footage to boot…

Come skiing in Virginia all year round!

Hello ladies, Well we are skiing in Lynchburg, Virginia now thanks to one of the few if not only public fake ski areas in the country. It takes a little getting used to, sort of like short astroturf with little sprinkler/misters to keep it slippery, but the K2′s took right to it. 3 “trails” open… Read more »

Ski Dreams

I always know winter is approaching when I start to have ski dreams. Last night I had an anxiety dream (I think). I was getting ready to go out skiing. My office at the ski area has all my gear and the powder looked awesome! When I got into the office and looked in my… Read more »

Happy Birthday, Doug.

It is cracking me up that a song by Salt N Pepa comes to my mind as I write this, but it is true. “What a man, what a man, what a man What a mighty good man I wanna take a minute or two, and give much respect due To the man that’s made… Read more »