K2 Charlie goes bozo in Bozeman

Heading to Bozeman, MT for one day seemed crazy considering it’s eight hours from Salt Lake and thirteen from Denver, our next destination. But to our surprise Tom and Chalet Sports had plenty of fun lined up.  Located right on Main St, Chalet Sports was a perfect location for a meet and greet barbecue. Charlie… Read more »

Ty Dayberry wins MNF's Coors Light Rail Jam

There is nothing bigger in America then Monday Night Football and nothing makes the big game more fun then some beverages, barbecue, good friends and a great tailgate set-up.  The folks at Coors Light decided to one-up this formula for fun by adding a Rail-Jam to the mix.  This meant shipping  in 25 tons of… Read more »

K2 Charlie heads to SLC.

K2 Charlie headed from Mammoth, CA to Salt Lake City, UT for his next round of appearances.  The 550 mile drive proved no contest for Charlie with his new fuel pump and tune up.  The drive is a series of 150 mile stretches with nothing but open ranges and lonely highways until you reach Salt… Read more »

Adam Falk scores!

The cover of the latest issue of Germany´s Skiing magazine! Nice one Adam and keep on ripping!

Welcome to the BackSide

Welcome to the BackSide Dangerously fun. That’s the allure and the experience of backcountry skiing. Exploring a newer, more remote place grants you access to the uncrowded stashes, the warm glow of dawn or dusk, the trying conditions and the incredible powder. The adventure becomes the challenge, and it rewards you no matter what you… Read more »

Avalanche Resources & Education – Know Before You Go

Know Before You Go The appeal of uncrowded, deep powder and pristine mountain environments is undeniable. But venturing out into wild terrain requires a dual commitment to the adventurous fun and the education, awareness and responsibility. Because the backcountry often appears to be an intimidating place, we’ve put together some starting points and tools to… Read more »

The White Book: Avalanche Awareness Provided by RECCO

Avalanche Education To get you started in developing your backcountry skills, K2 has partnered with RECCO®, makers of an avalanche rescue system utilized by more than 600 rescue organizations worldwide to assist in the efficient location of burials. As a manufacturer dedicated to safety in the mountains, RECCO® has provided content from The White Book,… Read more »

The White Book – How Does an Avalanche Happen?

WHAT IS AN AVALANCHE? An avalanche is a mass of snow sliding down a mountainside. Avalanches come in all sizes. Small avalanches can fracture less than 30 centimeters deep, be 20–30 meters wide and travel at 50 km/hour. Medium avalanches may fracture 1–2 meters deep, have a width of 100–500 meters and travel at 100… Read more »

The White Book – Recognizing and Managing Avalanche Terrain

HOW TO KEEP FROM GETTING CAUGHT IN AN AVALANCHE You can reliably avoid avalanches by recognizing and avoiding avalanche terrain. But this recommendation is not practical for many people who enjoy steep slopes and powder snow. Recreating in avalanche terrain is all about taking risks, and taking risks must be tempered with good judgment. You… Read more »

The White Book – Caught by an Avalanche

WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE CAUGHT IN AN AVALANCHE? Surviving avalanches depends on luck; therefore, it is always better to avoid them in the first place. Remember that only about one in three buried victims survive. If you are caught: Try to escape to the side, or grab a tree or a rock. If… Read more »

The White Book – Learn About Current Conditions

LEARN ABOUT CURRENT AVALANCHE CONDITIONS Throughout North America and Europe avalanche forecast centers prepare bulletins providing current and forecast snow and avalanche conditions. Some centers even prepare detailed mountain weather forecasts, too. Links to this information are available over the Internet or by recorded message on telephone hotlines. This information is for trip planning only,… Read more »

The White Book – Final Thoughts

SOME FINAL THOUGHTS Just because the sky is blue, the snow soft and deep, and you are with capable and rescue-equipped friends, does not mean you should ski or ride that steep slope. Even before you reach that slope, you should be “thinking avalanche.” Pay attention to the three other necessary ingredients for an avalanche… Read more »

Backcountry Resources – Places & Guides

PLACES & GUIDES Looking for guiding services to add new skills to your quiver or show you great backcountry skiing in a new area? From lightweight remote touring and mountaineering to mechanized backcountry powder shredding, our Guiding Services partners are the best in the business. Guiding Services – North America American Mountain Guide Association Association… Read more »

Backcountry Resources – Weather & Avalanche Links

WEATHER & AVALANCHE LINKS Looking for information on recent weather or snowpack conditions? Visit the national avalanche/weather resources or find regional avalanche advisories with recent reporting. Winter weather and snow stability are extremely localized, but you should always check your local forecast and avalanche advisory before venturing out into the backcountry. National Weather & Avalanche… Read more »

Backcountry Techniques – Stay Tuned

The crisp feel of fall is in the air, and we’re cranking away on all the backcountry tips and techniques you’ll need to explore the backcountry this winter. Keep checking back, as we’ll have video techniques and pro tips from guides and athletes like Mike Hattrup, Andrew McLean, Martin Volken and others.

Update on the Manaslu Ski Expedition

So I am one of the lucky ones getting their newsletter. Well, I don´t call it being lucky reading of all the adventures they have. Especially when I am sitting in the office. But I complained about that already. Gian, Adi and Marco made it to basecamp on 4750m. They had bad luck with the weather on… Read more »