The Missfits – Ep 1 – Days in the Park

Join Anna Segal, Brita Sigourney and Maria Bagge as they kick the season off with some fun in Colorado!  From Breck to Copper, these missfits enjoy their time back on snow, and even link up with the Stept Crew for a day of shredding.



Gucci Gucci
by Kreayshawn

Saturday in the Park
by Chicago

Underworld Operation
by Lord Finesse featuring Marquee


“We are the Missfits – K2’s female freeski team – and this webseries is our brainchild.  The aim of the series was to stoke out girls on women’s freeskiing and inspire them to create their own content.  We didn’t set out to prove anything to anyone – our goal was to give a light hearted, behind the scenes look at what we do.  We wanted to add more female freeski content to the internet and decided to get out there and instigate a project of our own. We were lucky enough to have a rad company behind us to support our experiment.


There will be 4-5 episodes dropping throughout the winter, featuring Brita Sigourney, Anna Segal, Lexi Dupont, Maria Bagge and other K2 athletes such as Andy Mahre, Collin Collins, the Stept Crew and a number of others who managed to video-bomb our shoots.  Filmed throughout the 2011/12 season, we shot on location in the park-scene of Colorado, the tranquil back-country of Idaho, in the massive European alps, and a number of other  awesome locations.


You may love it, you may hate it.  We don’t really care cuz we had fun making it.



The Missfits.”